Who We are

We are a group of parents who recognize the importance of combating isolation and stigma, and promoting recovery and connection in the post-partum journey.  The mothering table started with two women who came together wanting to help other mothers feel better.  To let them know that it will get better, and they will laugh again.  They knew it was essential to support other women living with post-partum depression and anxiety.They connected with some boomers with the gift of mothering and hosting, and the mothering table began in Squamish in January 2020.  

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A mother of a daughter born in late 2018, Amelia was surprised at how Post-Partum Depression snuck up to her a few months after her daughter was born.  It wasn't until the recognition of her partner & a first panic attack when she sought out some help.  She tried everything, including adding kimchi to her diet, and eventually pieced together a network that was able to help with recovery.

A resident of Squamish, Amelia enjoys her dogs, beer, biking, and being in nature.  She is a primary care nurse educator by profession, and a beginner woodworker by hobby.  She lives by the river with her partner Sean, daughter, and two dogs (Ilala and Arrow).   Sometimes she makes moderately inappropriate jokes, and is terribly concerned about issues of social justice and stigma that plague our society.  She loves to bring people together.  This picture was (clearly) taken before she became a mother.



My name is Mandy and I am a first time mama. I love and adore my baby girl.... that wasn’t always the case. I had no idea where my new experience would take me. I certainly didn’t expect the journey we embarked on.  Humour is in my blood. I couldn’t find the humour in anything. I put on a brave face the best I could. I told people what I thought they wanted to hear; though I could barely carry on a conversation. I had lost myself completely & I thought terminally. My partner and doctor recognized I needed help. They truly saved my life.

I would burst into tears uncontrollably for hours. I couldn’t leave the house, let alone our bedroom. I couldn’t be consoled. Unable to complete the simplest of tasks. I felt like my daughter would just be better off without me. I was hanging on by a thread.  Under protest, I began seeing a psychiatrist and counselor immediately. We found a med combo that worked. I started to attend the PPD weekly group.

I couldn’t believe it; I could see the light... I cried less, and began to laugh again.. I could get out of bed open the blinds, walk outside and talk to neighbors... I could make spaghetti again!

My journey was hard & the fight was real. I want to offer support to those women who might be struggling in silence. You are not alone.

My doctor put motherhood in perspective for me “is like learning to fly a 747... at night... in a snow storm“Our group is a safe place to land; let us help guide you in. 



Maria was born in Squamish and stayed there to raise her three kids. A stay at home Mom who over the years has facilitated countless recovery groups and has always had an open door policy in her home. When her kids were young Maria experienced major depression and anxiety with the help of her husband and Dr has come our the other side. She tragically lost her husband at age 45 and was forced to raise her kids on her own.

Through her lived experience Maria has helped and supported many people over the years through their mental health journey. She has also spent many hours caring for palliative patients and their families. Currently she fills her time with her five grandchildren, cooking Italian food, hiking and playing scrabble. 

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Profile to come.