The Mothering Table

Welcome. We are glad you found us.
Welcome to a table of women recovering from post partum depression and anxiety.
Welcome to a table of women who understand that raising the next generation is no easy feat.

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What we do

The Mothering Table wants to provide a safe space to connect.  We want to combat social isolation, remove stigma, and raise one another up.  We want to create safe spaces to learn from one another through our pain, struggles, authenticity and laughter. 

To do this, The Mothering Table provides two ways to connect: A Dinner Table and A Crises Peer Support Network

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The Dinner

Once a month, women are welcome to gather for dinner together to have a social atmosphere to check in and share.  To connect with one another over food, with no obligations.  While the conversation may be initiated with a question, women are able to just be present, and engage however they feel most comfortable.

These dinners are hosted by older generations with a desire to support the younger generation. They recognize the importance of connecting with & supporting younger mothers and children.   Participants are prioritized: women who are former participants of the VCH Wellness group, as well as those with a referral from a healthcare provider (Doctor, Nurse, Mid-wife, Doula) make up the majority of participants. 

There are a few agreements that we have for each dinner:

  1. Dinners are a welcoming place. We want you to feel welcomed, and we expect that you will extend that welcome to others. 

  2. Dinners are a confidential space.  We ask that you do not share details of conversations outside of the space. 

  3. Dinners are a flexible space. Women can choose to participate how they wish.  This also means that they can choose to have children present, or absent, at the table, or in childminding.   

  4. Dinners are a connecting space. We ask that you leave your phones off the table. 

  5. Dinners are a intimate space.  We cap at 10 people. 8 of those spaces are for participants who are current or past participants of the Squamish VCH wellness group, and 2 of the spaces are for friends of participants who need connection.  Participants must sign up 24hours in advance.

  6. Dinners are not a free space.  We don't want $ to be a barrier, but we ask that you provide at least 5$ for the cost of food.

  7. Dinners are a sober space. We believe that not having alcohol present at the dinners allows for deeper connection & reduction of risk. 

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